By being vertically integrated and owning all steps of the pharmaceutical development and production process, Accord can bring high quality medicines to patients faster, more economically and with greater efficiency than our rivals.

Accord has one of the most dynamic product pipelines in the pharmaceutical industry. Already we boast a portfolio of over 130 molecules across multiple therapeutic classes. We are committed to build up this number to compete with the largest product ranges in the sector. To date, we have gained nearly 5000 product approvals across the European Economic Area.

Accord has a particular focus on ensuring the safe use of our products, both for patients and medical professionals. Our entire range of product packaging has been designed to minimise the incidence of errors in dispensing, preparing and administering of our medicines. 

With oncology products, we undertake a Preventative and Protective approach to occupational exposure. All cytotoxic containing products undergo a rigorous cleaning protocol to minimise possible external residue before being wrapped in our PharmaShield┬« technology.

This system is designed to reduce risks of potential vial breakage, helping to contain spills if breakage occurs and further protect users from external vial contamination and occupational exposure. Our ongoing program of safety enhancements is also delivering novel new product features, for example; safer vial seals, improved ampoules and the inclusion of 1D barcodes and 2D Data Matrix on injectable product labels and packs to aid in robotic dispensing and product verification at point of dispensing.

Accord's portfolio comprises a multitude of different pharmaceutical forms, including; tablets (standard, film- coated, effervescent, sustained release, cytotoxic and immunosuppressant), capsules, cytotoxic injectables (powders and solution vials), non- cytotoxic (ampoules and vials) and controlled drugs.