Accord is committed to putting user safety at the heart of our offering. Accord is a dynamic young company unencumbered by past practice and with an appetite for refreshing the way in which safe and efficacious pharmaceuticals are delivered to users, adding innovative features to our concepts and products.

2D Barcode:

Data Matrix is a relatively recent 2- dimensional barcode development. This code has a high data capacity, variable sizing capabilities and ability to withstand harsh environments. It is most commonly used for product identification and lot tracking of pharmaceuticals. Several organisations have recommended the use of Data Matrix due to the advantages it offers:

  • Improved Data Accuracy
  • Faster Data Input and Handling
  • Cost Benefit
  • Flexibility

Different to other companies in the sector, Accord is able to bring closer this advantageous product labelling due to its high technology offering at our manufacturing facilities and product packing site.  


PharmaShield® is a system consisting on a superficial plastic sheathing around the vial, going from the reinforced non- PVC base to the vial seal.

Key benefits:

  • Protects from breakage and spillage
  • Protects users from external vial contamination
  • Protects essential product label information
  • The use of non-PVC materials protects the environment
  • Latex free – protects users with sensitivity
  • Reinforced non-PVC base: provides greater stability during manipulation and further reduces risk of breakage if vial dropped

Key benefits of vial seal:

  • No risk of sharp edges that could potentially damage user
  • Minimises potential disruption to crimp as FOC is removed
  • Easy removal of FOC

Other Accord product features

  • Barcode on label: to enhance stock control and reduce potential errors when dispensing the drug
  • Flip-off cap
  • Line code indicates the different strengths available

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